Back to Life Counseling, LLC is an outpatient treatment service for problems related to substance use and abuse.  It is our mission to help individuals to make changes in their lives.  We provide several outpatient services that will accommodate your needs.  We believe that drinking and drugging creates numerous levels of problems in a person's life and that change is needed to return to a healthy manner of living, with or without using alcohol/drugs.  We also know that these drinking/drugging problems result in family and close friends being affected, therefore we are able to accommodate their needs in an outpatient setting.

Getting a DUI affects everybody around an individual, not only the person driving after using a mind altering drug.  Therefore, there are changes that need to be made in an individual's life that will help prevent another offense.  To see the offense as an isolated incident in a person's life is ignoring the importance of the situation.  It does reflect on how an individual interacts and reacts to living.

Substance abuse and dependency may very well be the change that is needed in the above, yet with or without a legal issue relating to your use, many changes have to take place in your life to address the problem.  As with a DUI it does affect everyone that is close to you and requires you to be making the changes.  We use several evidence based practices to achieve the mutual goals.